Over the past few years we have increasingly been asked to deliver autism training and development, training drawn from the vast personal, professional and academic experience of our staff here at Matthew's Hub.

We are now in a position to deliver that training, our own unique brand of autism training throughout the Hull, Humberside and Yorkshire Region. We look forward to spreading the word, working with you and your workforce to better understand the lives, hopes and dreams of autistic people.

Our training costs £300 for a half day session for up to 30 people and £475 for 5 hour sessions. Contact Gill or Carl on 01482 221028 or email cat@matthewshub.org to organise your training. 

A lived experience

While we firmly believe that an academic understanding of autism theory is vital, there is nothing like training delivered from lived experience. At Matthew's Hub we believe that it is the right of every autistic person to have a voice, so It is for this reason that we promise that there will always be a least one autistic person involved in the delivery of our autism training, either as training lead or as an expert.

Current Curriculum

Autism Workshop ~ 2 hours Either as a short introduction or as a refresher course, this short autism workshop provides a detailed explanation of social communication, social interaction, special interests, co-occurring conditions and sensory differences experienced by autistic adults and children on the autism spectrum.

Autism, theory and beyond ~ 5 hours: A deeper exploration of the autism spectrum, building on the foundation of our short course the impact of transitions, autism theory (The 3 strands) Myths, preconceptions and stereotypes, sensory differences and the impact of the environment on autistic adults and children.  

Autism, transitions and change ~ 2 hours: Change and life transitions can be one of the most stressful times for autistic people. This workshop examines the challenges which autistic people face and how these challenges can be effectively supported.

Sensory Processing ~  2 hours: Autistic people experience and process the sensory world in a very different way. Noise (unwanted sound) light, heat, texture, food, colour can all present challenges for autistic people. This workshops explores some of the sensory differences which autistic people face and ways in which these challenges may be reduced, including reasonable adjustment in school, college and the workplace.

Women, Girls and Autism ~  2 hours: This workshop examines autism from the female perspective. What does it mean to be a girl or woman on the autistic? How are friendships and relationships different?  This workshop examines female ‘masking’, presentations, diagnostic challenges and perceptions. Is there a male bias in autism? How do autistic stereotypes impact autistic woman and girls?

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