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Our story

Our story

Matthew's Hub was founded in 2014 and was originally the project of another Charity called FIND, who have day services for autistic people with a learning disability. 

FIND were approached by a parent (Simona) whose son Matthew sadly took his own life. Simona wanted there to be something in Matthew’s memory which supported autistic people like Matthew who didn’t have a learning disability, as it was her belief that had there been a service which could have supported him he might still be alive today. 

Simona donated a substantial amount of money for FIND to develop something but wasn’t sure what this would, or should look like. FIND also secured some extra funding from DEFLOG (a charity which provides education and training) which gave them funding for 3 years.

Gill Poole (our Chief Officer), was Chief Officer for FIND at the time and took up the challenge of bringing Simona’s vision of a support service to life. Gill worked with Simona and Sally Stoakes (one of our Trustees) on ideas and vision for the new service. Sally brought in a young man called Ryan who was autistic and had set up his own support group for advice. 

They found a building for the service and then appointed a Project Manager, Kath Trotter (our Service Manager) and together Gill, Kath and Ryan developed the service and support offered into the successful Charity it is today.  

In October 2016 Matthew’s Hub split from FIND and became an independent Charity. 

This was necessary as being part of FIND excluded us from many funding streams. Matthew’s Hub now has income from different funding streams and has secured commissioned services from Hull City Council and the NHS.

Donations will be gratefully received for general costs or for specific projects or work-streams.

What we do

We are a support service for autistic people without a learning disability aged 13 or over, living in Hull or the East Riding who has or is waiting for a diagnosis.

We provide advice and support in relation to employment, education, housing, benefits, health, and diagnosis.