The Hub has gone digital!

Carl has built a cyber hub on the Second Life platform which is quick and easy to join and where you can socialise whenever you like. There are games to play, YouTube TV’s to watch and relax with your friends. We can also hold meetings there, run mentoring and training sessions from anywhere in the world.

The first thing you need to is download Second Life here and choose an avatar (this takes 5 about minutes). Then teleport in to a starter island, which is a place where people get a feel for using an avatar, but it really is very easy to use.

You can register, grab your avatar (have a good look through as there are loads to choose from) and download the second life viewer (you need a laptop or a desk top computer).

Once you are in world open this link into a second browser and click visit the world.

After you have done this, go into world at the top of the page and landmark this place so you can find it anytime. It really is that easy.

Second Life is not so well known in the UK, but it is massive in America. There a 100’s of sci fi, steampunk and music clubs and role play sims to visit and it’s all free, but like ever other game you can upgrade and buy stuff as you go along, but it really isn’t necessary to visit the Cyber Hub.

Carl is going to be showing people round the new cyber space on Thursday, but there is nothing to stop you downloading Second Life and  having a look now!

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