What we do

We support and guide individuals into further education, including:

  •  College
  •  Six form
  •  University
  •  Apprenticeships
  •  Trainee Placements

Matthew's Hub has a great relationship with local colleges, schools and other educational providers. We will advise and support you to choose the right training program that will suit both your creative and intellectual needs, we will also liaise with the college, school or training provider of your choice and make sure you are receiving the correct amount of support to suit your needs. 

Please note we are not a college and do not provide any vocational training courses 

We provide guidance and life skills to help you cope within an educational environment. For those who feel they are not ready to attend further education or college we offer training / mentoring to help you build the relevant skills and confidence so you can gain the qualification and go on the course you want.

If we cannot support you to find the correct course or education programme, we will link you to a service that can help.

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